Governor Herbert Declares State of Emergency, statewide mask mandate

Last night, Governor Herbert addressed the state through local TV stations following his activation of the Emergency Alert System. In his State of Emergency address, he discussed a mask mandate throughout the whole state, limiting casual social gatherings to household only, putting extracurricular activities on hold until Nov. 23, in addition to some other items. Attached are two documents. One is the Governor’s press release and the other is the Public Health order with the temporary statewide COVID-19 restrictions.

Due to these restrictions, all gyms and facilities in the district, including KMS, will be closed to all entities before and after school until Nov 23.

We share the hope with our Governor, that the coming changes to the state’s COVID restrictions will help to slow the spread of the disease, initiate an incidence plateau, and create a decline in the coronavirus transmission.

Thanks and Go Regulators!

Governor’s Press Release

Public Health Order

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