Parent Teacher Conference Sign ups

Hello Kanab Middle School Parents,

We have quite a few events coming up!

On Wednesday, Nov 20 we plan to hold our Parent Teacher Conferences from 1-3 pm and 5-7 pm. Each teacher has created an online sign-up with 10 minute time slots using Sign-Up-Genius. This will be on the same day as midterm for 2nd term. In order to sign up, click on the link of the teacher, choose the available time slot, click on the “Submit and Sign up” button on the bottom of the screen, add your name along with your email address (so we can send you a reminder) and you are done! Sign-ups are a first-come, first-served basis. Since students have multiple teachers, it might not be necessary to meet with every teacher. Be sure to schedule times appropriately by allowing some travel time in between meeting times. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for teachers to answer any questions parents might have or follow up with student academic progress.

Please sign up using the links below. Remember each teacher has their own signup so you will need to sign up on each of the individual teacher’s sign ups if you plan on meeting with multiple teachers.

Mrs. L. Johnson:

Mr. Fox:

Mrs. J. Johnson:

Mr. Palmer:

Mr. Clarkson:

Mrs. Waite:

Mr. Johnson:

Mr. Glover:

On Nov 20, KES and KMS will be on half day schedule. KHS will be on full day schedule. KMS will dismiss school at 1pm. Since some of the teachers are shared between the high school and middle school, some KMS teachers will be unable to meet at the Parent Teacher Conference times. These teachers include Mr. G. Glover, Mrs. Ingersoll, Mr. Orton, Mrs. Stewart, and Mrs. Terry. If you would like to discuss any items with these shared teachers, please email them. Their email addresses are found on our school website:

We have had many lost and found items (coats, hats, gloves, lunch boxes, etc.) that have been turned in. These items will be placed on tables in the main hall for you to look through. Please check to see if any of your child’s personal items are there. Any items left at the end of the month of November will be donated to the local thrift store.

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